L Huls Designs offers a diverse range of services and skills. We create smart, sustainable gardens, with water-wise, drought tolerant systems that maximize soil health. Our aesthetic is that of  simple elegance. We offer:

  • Landscape Design and Installation

We design, install and maintain gardens using the right plant combinations in the right place. While favoring natives and Mediterranean plants we can offer any style garden.  We pride ourselves on providing complementary hardscape and plant palette.

  • Custom Woodwork: Gates, Trellises, Arbors, Decks

  • Natural Stonescapes: Retaining Walls, Patios, Walkways and Ornamental Stone Placement

  • Paver and Interlocking Block Wall Installation

  • Aesthetic Pruning

Aesthetic Pruning is the creative interpretation of small trees and shrubs.  This living art form combines the artistic skill of the pruner, the essence of a tree, the science of horticulture and the needs of clients and surroundings.

With its foundation in Japanese garden pruning, bonsai and arboriculture, aesthetic pruning incorporates visual art and design principles to work with plant material within its unique setting. Due to the universality of its approach, aesthetic pruning benefits all situations and garden styles.

  • Irrigation Design, Installation, Repair, Renovation

Save money on your water bill  with modern technology. Proper irrigation combined with healthy soil can reduce maintenance and water use.

  • Lighting

Well-designed lighting can extend the use of your garden by making it accessible throughout the day and all seasons. Imagine looking out your  window at night and being able to see the full tableau of your garden.  Key plants and trees can be highlighted to make dark areas stand out. When possible, we use LED fixtures to lower energy use and maintenance.