Lary Huls

I grew up in the Mojave desert, so maybe I’m trying to make up for lost
time now. Started backpacking in the Boy Scouts–two attempts on Mt.
Whitney which weren’t completed till I was an adult. Got a degree in
Education. Got one in Nursing and was an RN for 24 years. Continued
backpacking and took up technical climbing—made it up Lost Arrow in
Yosemite and Mt. Shasta. My wilderness trips continue to inspire and renew
me. Practiced bonsai. Studied japanese ink painting and ikebana.. Trained in
Tai Qi Chuan. Did woodwork with a friend to learn cabinetry and later on,
Japanese joinery. When having a family made climbing a bad idea, I (finally)
started training in Aikido, which I eventually did for 13 years. Along the way
I started studying aesthetic pruning, landscape design and construction. Did
a year-long internship in pruning. I co-created an exhibit at the SF Flower
and Garden Show in 2003 and took a bronze medal for an all-native front
yard. I seem to be drawn to mastery practices—those practices that one can
never stop learning.